I first got interested in social enterprises 5 years ago. Since that time, I haven’t really explored many options related to the field as I was focused on finish my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and deciding to continue in the field of psychology or go a different path. Yet, my mind always wanders back to the field of social entrepreneurship and mental health and what is being done in this field globally.

Psychotherapeutic studies or psychology has a universal aspect to it, but it also have a heavy cultural component. How we heal and relate to each other can be cultural. For example, in the West we are brought up in a very individualistic society– we are taught to be independent from our families from about age 18 years old. Contrary to this, in the East individuals are brought up to think about society as a whole, it’s what is important for the group that matters, versus the individual.

In the same way, the services offered locally and internationally are different. I always search online for what other countries are offering in the form of public policy and therapy services for individuals, yet have not come across a site that brings it all together.

This site explores mental health services and public health policies locally and globally to offer a resource for those exploring services for people in their own families, or for academic researchers and practitioners interested in learning more from other cultures on what is being offered in their countries or cities.

This site is not meant to provide diagnosis or medical advice or replace that provided by a licensed practitioner. It is purely informational