One of my goals on the back of my mind has been to analyze and document how mental health is handled all around the world. The treatment of mental health issues as we know them today is a fairly recent affair. As some point out, Hippocrates saw it as a physical reaction in the body as early as the 5th century BCE. After this, mental health became an extension or evolution of philosophy– the analysis of our existence. It would still take some more time (centuries) till mental health was seen as both a mixture of biology and spirituality/philosophy, when Wilhelm Wundt created his Psychology Lab. But it would take some more time before it talk therapy became an accepted form of treatment for mental illness.

Though mental health has come a long way as demonstrated above from the 5th BCE, and even more since the 1950’s when there was no confidentiality laws, the treatment of mental health has evolved in its own ways in different countries. This portion of our site will focus on the study of mental health treatment and the “treaters” across the globe. It is forward thinking and positive, so we will do our best not to look at the archaic and bizarre treatments of mental health of which unfortunately many parts of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world still employ.