About Us

Family businesses are businesses that have families involved in them. Any entrepreneur or owner of a business can tell you how much of an impact running a business has on the family. It has an impact on young owners as much as retirement age owners. Business owners are embedded with their businesses, it is part of who they are and their identity. In the same way, it is embedded with their families.

Familyindustry.org works to provide an avenue for resources on juggling business with family responsibilities. How do aging business owners get ready for retirement and transition out of their company? What do they do if none of their children want to take part in the business.

Similarly, how do young business owners juggle family life with their business responsibilities?

Familyindustry.org is an industry of connected family businesses throughout the world, across different sectors, asking small and medium business owners what is it is like to manage a business and a family and how do they keep the balance.